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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Diary of a Zombie Kid. Creative, wasn't he?

This is so pathetic!

Wimpy Kid Goes To Court

Someone actually published a book that's virtually a Xeroxed copy of Wimpy Kid. It's called...wait for the awe-inspiring and incredibly original title...Diary of a Zombie Kid. Hell, the cover is almost exactly like Wimpy Kid.


The article about the lawsuit also has comments. I can't believe one of them, which defends the one who broke the law. He actually condemns the Wimpy Kid author for suing the other one, claiming how "nice it looks for the Wk author to go after the struggling author. Hey, it's not about the money. It's about the hard work and dedication it takes to be a writer. Wimpy Kid is the result of the author's hard work. Zombie Kid is the result of someone incapable of tapping into their own imagination, and who must, instead, feed off the success of someone who knows what it takes to get it done.

So no, it's not about money, or quashing the little guy. I mean, in the beginning, the Wimpy Kid author was also a little guy. One who discovered a niche and ran with it. You know, I can't stand it when authors cheat. It's just shameless how many so-called writers there are out there, who care nothing about the craft, but more the payoff. Those are the ones who either live in court, or die unknown.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Change the Channel

I've just learned that certain "special interest" groups are demanding that ABC cancel a show that hasn't even aired yet.


You know, I'm so tired of these people who try and dictate what everyone else can watch, just because the group is "offended"! Get over yourselves! The show is called "Work It"...a story about how two blue-collar men who've been unemployed for some time have no choice but to dress as women to get jobs.

And yet, the "groups" in question claim that the show (which they haven't even seen yet) defames transgender people. Of course, I won't mention which groups are behind this ridiculous and self-absorbed issue, because I actually support their efforts....except on this issue, that is.

How ignorant is it that they're out there, making demands based on what offends THEM, and all without having solid knowledge of what the show is actually about? Not to mention, the arrogance of telling US what WE can and can not watch? Personally, I hope ABC picks up their proverbial balls and stands their ground. And to those groups...please, just change the damn channel and let the rest of us enjoy that little thing we call FREEDOM!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Gentle Giant Lives To Cool Another Day

Our fridge is fixed!


So this morning, my doorbell rang, delivering great news. It was the repairman from Sears, come to finally fix my fridge. I swear, it was like I was transported back to my childhood during Christmas and I was witnessing the arrival of Santa. You know, you never truly appreciate the gentle frost giant that stands off to the side in your kitchen, day-in day-out, humming along in an effort to preserve some semblance of civilization. Until it's gone, that is.

I mean, we really do go about our business everyday, taking our refrigerators for granted. Opening the door and just staring into that white vertical abyss, under the delusion that some new treat may have appeared in the five minutes since our last foray into the gentle giant's belly.

But have someone suddenly tell you the giant's taken its last frosty breath and it's like the world's all askew. Like the entire planet has just stopped spinning completely and the apocalypse is now upon you. You and the remnants of food that require a certain temperature to ward off the possibility of death by that salmon that seems intent on swimming on without your approval or the temperature it requires to prevent an olfactory rebellion.

But alas, I was able to muddle through these last two weeks, only because I like the idea of a back-up, and ours is sitting in our terrace, crammed with all the contents of it's higher-end brother. It's been hell, let me tell you. Going outside several times a day to collect milk, butter, etc... it was like having to go food shopping in my own backyard, and it SUCKED because every time I came inside, I realized I forgot something outside.

So now, the fridge is up and running, sealed off in order to return to its former frigid state. Man oh man, am I looking forward to stocking it again. You know, when I was a kid, I never thought I'd find myself in a position to say I'm actually looking forward to manual labor of any kind. And now, here I am, anxious to all hell to get to it.

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Evil Ice Cream and Its More Evil Makers!

Okay so, I've been a bad girl! I'll be the first to admit it's not wise to give into the corporate fat-cat lifestyles, but, in my defense, I couldn't help myself. I merely fell prey to the marketing geniuses over at my favorite ice cream company. Ben & Jerry's.

Let me explain.

There I was, minding my own business, just strolling along my domesticated path, when suddenly, I was struck by a wicked sign, purposely posted to taunt the weakest of weak ice cream lovers. It was a buy 1/get 1 free sign for Ben & Jerry's. The absolute BEST ice cream on this planet, and no doubt on any other, if a blind taste test were to be conducted.

So, I bought into the marketing scheme and nabbed 4 pints (Red Velvet Cake, Pistachio, Imagine World Peace...and the king of all flavors to date: Pumpkin Cheesecake).

Yup. I did it. Much to the protest of my thighs and that part of my brain with which my thighs are in a perpetual state of conflict.

Well. Let me tell you. One taste of all four flavors and I could almost feel the shackles of guilt take me over. Like a prisoner waiting to be taken away to some dark, depressing hole in the wall that would make the worst of the worst cry like a baby, I was a goner. Moaning and groaning my way through bite after bite of that creamy, delicious artery-clogging affair that comes wrapped in a beautifully-inviting little container.

So yeah, I dabbed. Sue me. I had to. Not by choice, mind you. Don't forget, it was Ben & Jerry calling. The very best! Pumpkin Cheesecake is their newest contribution to the helpless, sweet-toothed folks out there. Okay, I mean me. And what's worse, those devious marketing geniuses over there branded it as a "limited batch". Those evil thigh haters! Pumpkin Cheesecake. OMG! If you haven't tried it yet, do it now, before they take it away to where all things yummy go: Fond Memory Land. Oh, and if your thighs start to complain and your jeans start begging for mercy, don't blame me. Blame those evil-do'ers over at Ben and Jerry!

Now get tasting. You'll thank me, I promise. Your thighs on the other hand...I'm pretty sure they're gonna wanna send me nothing but evil thoughts and wishes.

Happy Halloween.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh the webs they weave....

Okay so, there I am, minding my own business last night, innocently planning a midnight trek to Walgreens for a few needs and wants. So I head outside and what do I see, but a full-on plan of attack by a spider web the size of Texas, spun the spider sitting in the center of his carefully constructed death trap. This spider was so big, I was sure it was a close cousin to the mutation we all know as Spiderman himself.

I mean, this thing seriously looked like it had headed up a meeting with other neighborhood spiders to see how best to utterly block the exit from my own house. I'm not kidding here, the web (beautiful as it was), ran from the top of my roof, down to the two pine trees that border the entrance of my front porch, like the great wall of arachnid. I didn't want to make too much noise by going back into the house, but I had to break up the web or chance being a prisoner in my own home. Held hostage by the ginormous spider that was staring at me like it was fully prepared for a battle of wills.

The only thing I could find was a helpless little snail. "Yes, let's feed the spider," I muttered under my breath. "That'll scare it off." I stared closely at the spider, then threw up my hands in surrender and went back inside to get my husband, the captor of all things I don't like. He brought out a stick and whisked away the web, which clung to the stick as though it had been imbued with the spider's steadfast will of not giving in.

With the web gone and the path clear, I let out a breath of relief, kissed and thanked my husband, and went on my merry way. Low and behold, little did I know that the evil spider was not quite done with me. When I got to the corner of my block, I rolled down my window for a moment, and there it was....another freakin' web....probably an extension of the Texas-sized mammoth.

"How special!"

So, when I got out of the car at Walgreens, what did I wind up doing, but walking right into the web. Needless to say, the other night-trekkers to Walgreens that dotted the parking lot got a live midnight showing of Watch That Fool Dance! And I was the star. Wriggling and wrangling my way...or trying to...out of the clutches of the web that refused to let me go.

Now, I love animals, and I'm that proverbial, "I couldn't hurt a fly," person. But come on! I never signed up to be a fixture on a web, spun by a spider that did his bidding to ensnare us helpless humans. No sir!

So, after five minutes of an infinitely embarrassing, audience-filled, web-be-gone dance, I finally got it off me and went inside the store, head held down in absolute mortification and a total sense of eyes narrowing in on me like I was the star of a freak show.

Spiders be warned. You're now on my list of enemies!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Don't Hate Me For Hating You

Okay so, there I am, minding my own business one day, just going through Directv's guide of daily distractions, when I come upon something called H8Rs (You Have to See it to Believe it). Now, in this era of lazy restructuring of the English language (along the lines of LOL and OMGIJPMWL (Oh my god, I just pissed myself with laughter), I felt compelled to see what new form of abbreviation made it to prime time television. Turns out, H8Rs is a new reality show about regular people who, after extensively reading those irrefutably-reliable sources of truth that we call tabloids, have concluded that they hate certain celebrities.

The curious kitten in me couldn't help but record the show to see what all the hate was about. Well, needless to say, the first episode left my jaw on the floor, my eyes bulging in a this-has-to-be-a-joke sort of way, and my mind scrambling for some sense of understanding as to why any celebrity would ever agree to appear on this show, or, for that matter, why these haters haven't yet found something better to do with their time than sit around hating someone they don't know, based on what the media gossip-whores have deemed news-worthy information. You know, like how short Brittany Spears skirt was at one point, or how J-LO almost cut off all her hair and ran through the streets after discovering she wasn't the end all-be all of the entertainment world. You know, the news.

The premise of the show is essentially this: Mario Lopez and his dimples appear with the celebrity who's been spotlighted enough to apparently warrant actual hatred in the eyes of "regular people". And they listen to said haters as the haters moan and groan their way down their rationally-constructed list of I-hate-so-and-so-for-this-and-that-reason. Then, the celebrity confronts the hater to inquire about the hatred and to then spend some time convincing these haters to look beyond the tabloid gossip and like the celebrity for who they are.

The first episode of H8Rs was an hour long, and took me and my hubby about 2 hours to watch because of the constant pausing for fascinating and ultimately hilarious give-me-a-break infused discussions. Episode 1 involved a total loser that hated Snooki (Jersey Shore) and some girl who hated the Bachelor guy. I won't go into how mentally defeated both those haters were. Well, I just saw the second episode last night, and I gotta say, ".....to the H8Rs of Eva Longoria and Scott Disick (from the Kardashians) (and anyone else you haters don't personally know, in fact)....GET OVER YOURSELVES!"

First off, Scott's hater was a girl with a chip on her shoulder so big that I was sure she'd topple over; though to be honest, it might have been her glaring I'm-not-a-celebrity-therefore-I'm-a-better-person-than-you attitude that stems from hunchback of hatred syndrome, which she was clearly born with. This girl repeatedly called Scott Disick "the ultimate douche" because he (and I quote, because honestly, I couldn't make this up...well, I could, but only at the risk of sounding like a complete moron), "He has never done manual labor like regular people."


Is she actually under the belief (or self-delusion) that the only jobs regular people hold involve manual labor? This girl criticized Scott's Lamborghini, then, after spending some time with him (bowling and telling him to prove himself worthy of her presence, by scraping gum off bowling shoes), she decided she wanted to drive the very car that, earlier, she called unimpressive and disrespectful to people who can't afford one; not a direct quote, but a fraternal twin to her underlying implication, mind you. She actually went on and on about how Scott was a bad person and deserved to be hated by her because he's never held, what she called over and over, "a real job. And this knowledge comes from where now? Her lifelong probe into his private life?

And then there was the hater of Eva Longoria. Or should I say, the hater of her weight. He was this guy who criticized her for not being Latin enough, and for having a small ass. And THIS is something to hate someone for? Really? So, after spending some time making tacos and hearing directly from her, he found that...surprise surprise, the tabloids aren't the truth-mongers he, in his early-twenties-long life-experience, believed them to be.

I have to wonder, why do these celebrities even give a rat's hairy ass who hates them or why, when clearly these haters are of no importance in the celebrities lives? These celebrities have far better things to do with their time than to pander to these pathetically-jealous people that hate them for being in the spotlight on a daily basis. Personally, the one I tip my hat to is Scott Disick, who put it best when he said (at the end of his excruciating time with his hater), that he had better things to do than sit around worrying about this girl and her ridiculous reasons for hating him, and that he refused to dip to her level of existence (again, not a direct quote, but honestly, close enough).

Now, to all those "regular people".....GET...A...LIFE! If it's not someone you know or have personal contact with, leave them alone. Stop publicly insulting these celebrities (or anyone else for that matter), because in the end, all you're doing is making yourselves look exactly (and even worse, in fact) than the people you're openly bashing. Not to mention, in these perilous cyber-bullying times, is that really what you want to look back on your life and see yourself as? A Cyber-Bully? That's not to say that these celebrities are in danger of leaping to their deaths because someone doesn't like them. But still. You know, I can't imagine that the girl who hates Scott Disick will ever look back at her 2-seconds of "fame" and smile proudly over her ultra-informed views of Scott and her appeal to the side of him that, in her self-absorbed and self-important opinion, should be ashamed for her not liking him. And that goes for anyone else who hates someone.

So there it is. My take on a show that is downright laughable and utterly ridiculous. Or should I say, the bottom of the barrel of t.v. show ideas.

Have a good one, and for Pete's sake, don't hate. It's such a strong and ugly word. And in these crappy-ass times, hate is about the last thing we need amid all the lies, betrayal and corruption we see every time we blink.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Three Little Cities

My hubby and I love to travel, and we've done so quite extensively. We haven't been on vacation since 2004, however. That was when we flew to Maine, rented a car, and drove through a HUGE chunk of New England. It was near the end of October and Halloween was nipping at our heels like a puppy begging for attention. We stayed here and there, and loved every minute of it. We even went to Salem, Mass on Oct 31, which was amazing.

If you haven't gone to Salem on Halloween, I highly recommend you try at least once in your life. The weather was great. The place was gorgeous. The people were friendly. The drive was fantastic. Oh, and did I mention the weather? This is an extremely important part of the journey, mind you. You'll understand in a moment or several. So there we were, beaten down by the everyday chores that come with being adults. You know, that horrible thing called responsibilities. Plus, with it being so long since that '04 trip, we knew that another vacation was well overdo. Well, now that we're back from this latest one (we got back Aug 3, 11), I have to report, unlike every other vaca we've taken in the past, this time, there were a few bumps along the way.

Hold on. Did I say bumps? I meant FREAKIN' ROAD BLOCKS! Seriously, it was like a cacophony of voices rising from the belly of the universe, all of them shouting as one, "DID YOU HONESTLY THINK THIS WAS GOING TO BE LIKE YOUR OTHER VACATIONS, Cindy?". Of course that was followed by a resounding and quite sinister laugh that reached into my gut and held on for dear life, while we stood there, helpless, wondering why oh why were being punished in such a way.

Clearly, in order to fully appreciate this calamity that left us feeling like the stars of a satirical show about Murphy's Law, let me take a step back for a moment.

See, it all began when my mother in law wanted to go to the Dominican Republic for a week and lay out on the beach, doing nothing but basking in the sun with a margarita and a hat big enough to smuggle a small town across the border.

Now, as most of you might have guessed by my picture, I'm not exactly the poster child for fun in the sun, and neither is my hubby. Nope, we're both whiter than Casper's ghostly butt, and with good reason. The sun sucks! It's hot, it's bright, and it causes vast amounts of regret in the form of burns, blisters and an unnatural kinship with lobsters.

Needless to say, the plans changed. No beaches for us, no sir. We wanted adventure, excitement, cities. A major break from Miami Lakes, our monotonous suburban prison. We had always wanted to go to Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and ever since our first trip to NYC, we were desperate to go back there. So, we said, why not go to all three? And that was that. I spent two weeks squealing, looking at hotels, squealing some more, researching DC and Philly (didn't need to for NYC), and booking hotels in all three cities, plus a hotel in Upstate NY as well.

It was going to be an AMAZING trip!

And then, as the news report broke one day, a few before our departure, we stood there, horrified as the reporters informed us of a heat wave that has just rolled in and taken over a big part of the Northeast like a sadistic Dominatrix. Namely, DC, Philly, and NYC, among others. Yup, in a twist of irony, that fickle b***h, every city we were planning on going to had all been taken hostage, with record breaking highs and mounting heat-related deaths.

"Hopefully, it'll pass before we get there," my hubby said to me, with a look in his eye that told me he didn't buy it for a second.

And so we held our breaths and crossed our fingers. Hell, in ritualistic animal sacrifice fashion, we were tempted to offer up an ant of two to the sun gods, praying for a break in its evil plan. It goes without saying that the day we arrived in DC, it was over a hundred degrees and rising.

We flew Jetblue Airways, a great company that offered comfy seats and unlimited snacks, unlike other companies that operate under the belief that this world is dominated by 2-foot tall humans with no legs and no need for that thing called comfort. But, don't be fooled as I was by Jetblue's promise of unlimited snacks, as their idea of unlimited snacks comes in the form of the flight attendants going up and down the aisle asking every person what they want from the basket of 5 options of teensy gesture packets of chips and cookies, which took so long that by the time he came around again, we were landing.

We rented a car from Dollar Rent a Car. It was a Grand Marquis, and let me tell you, what a piece of crap that car was! And the company! I'll never rent from them again! I returned the car two hours later, and went to the Reagan Airport to get another one from a different company. We wanted a van, so naturally, not a single company had one. We wound up with a Camry, which I LOVE, and we were off....after four hours, that is! Two hours after that, we made it to the hotel, which was a few miles away from the airport. Yup, we got lost! That was fun. My temper was right up there with the heat index by the time we finally got back.

We stayed in a hotel in breath-taking Alexandria, VA, about five miles outside DC. It was the Hampton Inn Alexandria, and it was amazing. The service, the food, the staff, and the location were all fantastic! Not to mention all the welcome freshly-baked cookies. WooHoo, let the vaca begin.

When we left the hotel the next morning, however, my enthusiasm kinda did this fingers-crossed thing when we saw that it was about 105 degrees, and it was only eight-thirty. By ten in the morning it was clearly still on the rise. But, sun damage be damned! We had six days there, and we were on a mission to take on DC, hoping to get a glimpse of the touristy things our nation's famous for. You know, those hot spots for corruption, pocket-lining, lies, betrayal and a slew of illegal activities that run our country into the ground on a daily basis.

Now, in order to full enjoy this visit to DC, I wanted to make sure I had plenty of energy during the vaca, so I took a mountain of those little 5-hr energy drinks with us. Well, the day we went to tour the Capitol, we were told no drinks or liquids were permitted in the building. So, on the heels of downing one of the drinks a hour before, my hubby and I each had to consume two more, because I had brought four with me for the day. That was fun. We zipped through that short, uninspiring, and ultimately lack-luster tour of two rooms that I could have easily seen more of online than in person, all the while, jittery, bouncy and wishing to all hell that the tour-guide himself had taken a shot of that little bottle of energetic gold.

Let me just say one thing about DC. It is undoubtedly gorgeous. But, that said, it is NOT a touristy place. Everything is closed to the public. The Washington Monument is like a a giant spike in the ground. The Lincoln Memorial looks like he's wondering why all these people at gathering at his marble feet with cameras. And the White House was nothing more than a little white spec on an ocean of grass. All I could think was, "THAT's it?"

Then there's the fact that in DC, everything is a mile from everything else, so though it's called a walking town, those who call it that are not referring to a nice place to walk. No, walking is mandatory because of the lack of parking, the amount of people and the distance between entrances to place and the places themselves. Can you imagine how much fun that was in 108+ degree weather with no sign of impending cloud cover to protect us from the evil sun?

To sum up our stay in DC, sadly, two days into our 12-night journey, I must have eaten something that insisted it become a souvenir, as my feet and ankles swelled up like sausages, hurt like freakin hell, made walking a lot more "interesting" and took my left knee along for the ride, as it swelled it too. Add in sweltering heat, an ungodly lumpy bed in our hotel room, a severe lack of sleep and throw in miles and miles of attractions no on can get anywhere near because of security measures and you have...DC. Fun times!

Six days later, we left the DC area and drove to Philly, where we stayed for two nights. Philly was also gorgeous, but again, hot as hell. Not as hot as DC, mind you, but still hot enough to cook on egg on the pavement, which some reporter was kind enough to demonstrate for his viewers. But I swear it was like he was looking right at me through the microscopic flat panel tv-like thing in our hotel room. We stayed at a Wingate Hotel, and this time, the food in the hotel was atrocious, and the service was cold, unlike the friendly service at the previous hotel.

One of the coolest things we saw…don’t you dare laugh…was a employee of the PPA, the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Nerd alert, I know. But see, you have to understand this in context. I’d been watching a marathon (all 59 episodes) of Parking Wars, which I loved! So it was cool to see one of the folks from the show there, walking about like on the show, giving out parking tickets, like on the show. Hey, I’m easy to please, you know.

Anyhoo, during our stay in Philly, I wanted to go to Lancaster, to see Amish Country.

It took forever to get there, and when we did, it was stunning! Fields of farms and rolling hills, and land and mountains, and just breathtaking views everywhere. But, after a few hours of it, I was done. I was in search of civilization, and it took forever and a week to find our way out of Lancaster. I swear, every time I saw another farm, I wanted to scream, “Someone, PLEASE, show me the way out of here!” We managed to get back to the hotel, with no help from any gas station, as it seems that little thing called a map can now only be found at a travel museum.

When we left Philly, we drove to Upstate New York, to a place called Tarrytown, near White Plains, and two hiccups away from Sleepy Hollow.

That was WOW! The hotel was on a mountain that overlooked other mountains, and it was STUNNING! There was a fireplace in the breakfast area, friendly service, and the food was good. The bed was comfy, with those mega-soft hotel sheets I love. The towns there were amazing. Oh, and it rained. Can’t have one thing NOT go wrong in every one of the cities we were going to, no sir.

Our next stop was our dream town: NYC. Manhattan, Baby. We stayed in the Best Western Bowery Hanbee Hotel in Chinatown. It was really great. Though, when we got there, we noticed it was a little hot in the room, so we informed the staff, who promised it would be corrected by morning. Well, in the morning, they came to our room to tell us that they were upgrading us to a King Suite, so the repairs wouldn’t disturb us. The new room was AWESOME! It had a living area, a dining table, two tv’s with remotes that never worked, a massive bed with soft sheets, and a great view. LOVED IT!

Chinatown was “interesting”. Smelled like fish and garbage, but hey, it made for great memories. It was hotter there than in DC, by the way, and the heat wave seemed insistent on vacationing with us, as we learned that it would be breaking by the day we were to leave. We stayed in NYC for four nights and five days. I have to say, it wasn't exactly the same experience as our last trip to NYC. Nope. Last time, the city was clean, the subways were clean and working and the place was crawling with street performers.

This time, though, every thing was filthy, half the subways in the city with one of the best transit systems, were closed, which made every jaunt from place to place take hours longer, as we had to keep transferring from train to train, and it seemed not a single New Yorker ever knew which one we had to take to get here or there. Again. buckets of fun and time spent in the now-smelly, hot and beyond-filthy subways, going up and down the stairs, adding to the sweat-infused air of urban travel.

While in the city, we took a double decker tour with the Greyline Bus, where it turned out, I had family working. They hooked us up with free tickets on all the bus tours there. I was dying to see my family, but, as our good luck kept following us, when we went to the Wax Museum in Times Square, I twisted my already-bad knee, and limped the rest of our stay in my favorite city in the world. I felt horrible about not being able to see my cousins, but they understood. Thank you Cathy and Sergio. The night before we came back, we took the night tour of NYC. OMG! If you ever go, take that tour! It takes you across the bridge into Brooklyn, and you see ALL of Manhattan reflecting off the water. It was like being in a screensaver.

So that’s it. We were gone for 12 nights and 13 days. We went to DC, Philly, Upstate NY, Lancaster, oh, and we went to Baltimore (how could I forget), Virginia, and NYC. It was an exhausting trip, fraught with swollen feet, even more swollen ankles, a twisted and swollen knee, blistering heat, a constant need for directions, closed subways, a million stairs to and from working subways, the smell of fish and garbage right outside our hotel in Chinatown, bad food, good food, lumpy beds, a lack of sleep, a crappy car, a great car, gesture-snacks on the flights. But, you know what, despite all those bumps in the road, we had a great time. It was a little like life, in a way. You can make your plans and hope for the best, but in the end, who knows what’ll actually happen, and the truth is, the unplanned can sometimes be more memorable than the planned path ahead.

I will say this, I was dying to get back, and when we did, it felt like we’d been gone for years. It was so strange. It was like we were in a stranger’s home. It never looked more beautiful. It never felt so comfortable. And it never felt better to be back. I guess it’s true what some say. The best part of a vacation is coming home. And this time, it was.

Friday, August 12, 2011


First let me start with a link to a news report I read today that infuriated me, as it should YOU and every other American out there who cares about the state and health of this country.


Okay so, I follow politics quite a bit, but I'll be the first to admit that I'm not even close to considering myself a political expert. That said, certain things DO NOT need an expert eye to solve a problem that has destroyed our country. Especially since those SADISTIC, SELF-CENTERED, A**HOLES "BUSH and CHENEY" raped our country of its wealth, good name, good standing, and reputation.

And the worst part is that they got away with:

But don't get me started on those bastards! Every time I think of how they've destroyed this country and got off scott free, it pisses me off like only one other topic can. A topic I won't even bother to mention.

Now, on to what this country really needs in order to pick itself up. I'm sure a lot of people may disagree with some or part of this list, but the fact is, it WOULD help this country.

1. Legalize Marijuana. I'm not saying everyone should go out and get high. Now, I know a lot of people are against this idea of legalizing this drug because they live under the belief that doing so would give kids a green light to light up. But, the fact is, they are doing it anyway, and so are a lot of other people. In fact, in all likelihood, at least one person YOU KNOW has probably either tried it or is a current user. This is not addictive, this drug. Do a little research and you'll find that not only is it harmless, it actually helps a lot of people with pain, lack of appetite and sickness. Then there's the fact the legalizing it would SEVERELY decrease the prison population by eliminating those charged with marijuana-related issues. Add to that, TAXING it, like they do with cigarettes, and the amount of money this country would see roll in would solve every fiscal problem in one shot. The fact is, alcohol and cigarettes are legal, and THOSE are in a universe all their own, in terms of harm they cause. So why make illegal the one drug that harmless.

2. Make OUTSOURCING Ilegal. This has cost this country MILLIONS of jobs. Stop listening to what they politicians want you to hear, and start listening to the facts. Immigrants are NOT taking American jobs. Corporate sugar daddies are, with the go-ahead from their political whores. Outsourcing is when Corporations fire thousands of people in one day, and train other countries to do the same jobs for a teensy fraction of what Americans were being paid to do. And all so these fat cats can get fatter, and then sit around and whine about how they are not BIG BUSINESS, but more "THE JOB CREATORS" and shouldn't pay taxes. Which makes them even fatter, and with more money comes more clout, and with more clout comes more political bribery that keeps America in the trenches. You can't possibly be okay with this, can you?

3. Make LOBBYING illegal. Here again, big business rears its greedy head. These are the people who "convince" the politicians that doing the Corporations' evil, self-serving business is a good idea and "HERE, WE'LL EVEN LINE YOUR POCKETS TO DO THIS FOR US". This includes every industry out there, from Medical and Food, to Tobacco and Oil. Business has (no pun intended) no business in politics, and frankly, the fact that this act is permitted to exist is a complete slap in the face of those who fought and died for our independence. And here this country sits, idle while Corporations and those tied to them, including politicians, rape this nation and its people of every drop of blood, and turn around to tell us, "DON'T WORRY. THIS IS A GOOD THING."

4. REAL Separation of Church and State. The fact that this is how we doing things now is a complete and utter myth, no matter what people believe. We see it every time an election rolls around. One of the first questions asked in every debate or public appearance made by a politician is, "What Religion Do You Practice?" or "Are you a person of faith?" WHO THE HELL CARES! We're not electing priests or Rabbis here! We're not trying to forge a path to heaven with these elections! We're voting on who's going to fight and speak for us with regards to this country needs. Religion is a personal matter that should be kept as just that. Personal! It has no place dictating the lives of every single person through a conduit of some a**hole who convinces people that he or she is the perfect (and only) person for the job. Look at BUSH. He's a Christian. One who was very public about how god told him to do certain things. Now...Anyone wanna stand up here and say HE was a great choice because of his faith?

I'm not going to list any more because the fact is, there are so many problems in this country. But, the resolution has to begin somewhere, and in my opinion, it has to start with the people. You. People need to speak out. They need to let these politicians know that they're only there because WE put them them and we can take them OUT if they DON'T do the jobs they promised they'd do to help heal this country.

Not taking the wealthy is NEVER a good thing, especially when those who don't fall into that 1% are being taxed for everything, short of breathing. Letting them send jobs overseas has MURDERED this country's job market, and they call themselves job makers. Yeah, for other countries. And please, keep your faith to yourself and out of Washington.

Wake up AMERICA and speak for the nation that gave you freedom. Freedoms that are being stolen everyday. Speak up for the country that was once great. Our founding fathers fought for us. Now it's our turn to fight for what they stood for.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Doomsday? On May 21, 2011? Still waiting....

Okay so, where's the fire? Where are the world-ending earthquakes predicted by the Bible, which guaranteed the end would come this morning at 6:00 a.m.? I wonder what those who believed so whole-heartedly in this "fact" have to say now that it's currently nearly six hours passed their death-time.

I'm sorry, but this idea that that these people actually believed it so deeply that they up and sold all their worldly possessions, and sat around waiting for the so-called rapture that would take them to wherever is really sad. Some went as far as spending their life savings because of this "concrete prediction".

I'm just wondering what the man who started this all has to say now. I suppose it'll be something akin to whatever he said back in 1994 (I believe it was) when he predicted THAT was the end of the world and it didn't happen.

Oh well. With all the hoopla bouncing around the Net about the end of the world being this morning, I'm looking forward to seeing what new Tweets erupt on the TWITTER board. As of late, I've seen things like Rapture Confessions and What if the World Ended.

I just started a Tweet to see what people regret the most about their preparations for the Rapture that missed it's appointment.

C. L. Freire on Twitter

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hold onto your butts, people! DOOMSDAY has been announced!

Okay so, there I am, enjoying my breakfast, when my hubby comes in and tells me he just heard something on the news that would "literally" shake this world off it's butt! Ready for it?

Apparently, some religious guy (possibly groups of them) have laid claimed to what they call "the fact" that, according to the bible, the "always-reliable source of absolute truth" says the world will end on May 21, 2011, at 6:00 am.

Needless to say, I almost dropped my coffee. Not out of horror, but out of an absolute need to preserve the cleanliness of my floor. The last thing I wanted was to have to follow that news update with a meeting between me and a roll of Bounty, the quicker picker upper.

So, we're all going to die a horrible, bible-guaranteed death. And this is how the believers are dealing with it...

Supposedly, there will be earthquakes, and death and loss, Oh my! Now, is that Eastern Stand Time, because I think I still have time to catch a flight to, oh wait, NOWHERE, if the entire world is ending!

Come on, people! Really?

First off, if this were remotely true, why are these bible thumpers bringing it to our attention now, huh? Did they just find that little nugget in their golden pages, or were they keeping it to themselves?

Then there's the issue of how they're dealing with it. They've sold they possessions, packed up and taken to the open road. Yeah, because the open road is where I wanna be when the earth is supposed to crack wide open for a nice juicy helping of sinners who blinked during that part of the page of the bible that forewarned them of the impending doomsday.

And lastly, the world can not end! I have a Geek Squad guy coming this Tuesday to fix my television, and I refuse to miss that appointment just because of a little thing like the end of the world!

I'm just curious...what are these brain-banks who are so adamant about this bible prediction gonna do when 6:01am rolls around tomorrow and we're not all dead? Oh wait, my mistake. They'll just say God was what, distracted by his holy McMuffin at the time and decided to wait til his food went down before he kills us all? Or will they simply pass it off as God's magnanimous (and temporary) stay of execution for his little minions?

Well, I guess we'll know soon enough, now won't we.

See you all at 6:01am tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Can Breathe Again...thank you Zoey

So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I'm working on a new project. When I first came to terms with the idea of shelving David Thorne for now, I was a bit iffy about it; after all the time, blood, sweat and tears that went into putting together this book, I felt like I was turning my back on myself, and it hurt.

But, as I've always said, for me writing is like breathing. I have to do it, and in trying to get DT out there through the ever-fun-and always-eventful process of querying, I've lost my way and forgot to breathe.

Well, recently, I've been hard at work on this new project, a YA paranormal series, and for the first time since I finished writing DT, the wheels of my imagination are once again on the move, and it feels fantastic! I'd forgotten how good this feels. I'd forgotten how amazing it is to be driving somewhere, or lingering in a hot shower as new and exciting ideas ran through my mind. I'd forgotten what it's like to be anxious to get back to the keyboard and start pounding out the stories of characters that existed only in my head.

I'm sure every writer goes through this--whether once or every time they finish a book--and they spend more time trying to get it out there than they do working on a new book. Though you hear all the time that a write should always be writing, I think it's more of a personal decision how a writer goes about bringing their ideas to life. But in the end, regardless what others say writers should do, or how they should do it, it's a lesson I think every writer should ultimately learn on their own.

As for this new book, it's so funny because ever since I finished DT, I've had so many ideas, but for some reason none have stuck, and I couldn't understand why; they were--and are--all so great, as far as ideas are concerned. But none were leaving me in a state of perpetual thought and obsession, which is what I felt during the writing and creating of DT (and the entire series that followed it). But now, I'm here again, feeling my mind wandering to this new book, getting distracted, forgetting to do things, all because this is the story I've been waiting for ever since DT was first completed. And it feels incredible.

So to all writers out there who, at some point, find themselves stuck, or to those who find they've lost their way and have paid more time trying to get their work out there than they have actually writing, I say, just stop for a moment and breathe. If it's truly in your blood, you'll find yourself again, and when you do, you'll remember what it's like to be alive.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Censoring the voice of Mark Twain

I just read an article over at Publisher's Weekly, and it turned my stomach.

Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Called a masterpiece by T.S. Eliot, and pronounced by Ernest Hemingway, the source of "all modern American literature."

Yet, for decades, it's been disappearing from grade school curricula across the country, or flat-out banned, appearing again and again on lists of the nation's most challenged books, and all for its repeated use of a single, singularly offensive word. The "n" word.

Get this! Apparently, one Mr. Alan Gribben, and NewSouth Books are going to release a version of the book with "slave" in place of the "n-word". You know, might I point out, that fickle little b***H called irony. Our choices here are what? Allow these books to be banned? Or outright replace "slave" so as not to offend people, all just to appease these groups of ignorant zealots, when either act makes those who don't stand against it the very thing, the very word, said groups have deemed censor-worthy: Slaves. Slaves to their beliefs.

Now, I understand they want to prevent the conservative pratts from banning these books from schools; I get that, I really do, so truly, their intentions are good. But, that said, the fact is, no one, and I mean, no one--and yes, I'm talking to the nosey-bodies who want to control our lives--has the right to tell us what we can and can not see, hear, read, do or think! Last time I checked we were individuals. It should be up to parents to decide what their kids should be able to read, and frankly, only someone from the cess pool of zealots would stand in favor of these ignorant censor-bullies denying people their freedom for the beliefs of others.

You can read the article HERE

Why is it so many people feel they have the right to decide what we should and shouldn't be reading. Yes, the "n" word is offensive, absolutely! But, the fact is, it was a reflection and commentary on the times, and changing it is nothing more than a blatant slap in the face of Mark Twain's point.

The cold hard truth is that when the floodgates of censorship are allowed to break thru, there's no stopping it. Somewhere along the line, we've become a society of kids playing in the sandbox, crying about the people who've "hurt our feelings", at which time someone stands up, slaps the offender on the hand and scolds them with a resounding "you can't do/say that!"

Check out the article for yourself.

Note, even the amazing R. L. Stine commented on the controversy, writing, "How idiotic to change a classic of American literature for a word usage that can be explained to young readers. Simply moronic. I find it deeply offensive."

I couldn't agree more.