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Friday, August 12, 2011


First let me start with a link to a news report I read today that infuriated me, as it should YOU and every other American out there who cares about the state and health of this country.


Okay so, I follow politics quite a bit, but I'll be the first to admit that I'm not even close to considering myself a political expert. That said, certain things DO NOT need an expert eye to solve a problem that has destroyed our country. Especially since those SADISTIC, SELF-CENTERED, A**HOLES "BUSH and CHENEY" raped our country of its wealth, good name, good standing, and reputation.

And the worst part is that they got away with:

But don't get me started on those bastards! Every time I think of how they've destroyed this country and got off scott free, it pisses me off like only one other topic can. A topic I won't even bother to mention.

Now, on to what this country really needs in order to pick itself up. I'm sure a lot of people may disagree with some or part of this list, but the fact is, it WOULD help this country.

1. Legalize Marijuana. I'm not saying everyone should go out and get high. Now, I know a lot of people are against this idea of legalizing this drug because they live under the belief that doing so would give kids a green light to light up. But, the fact is, they are doing it anyway, and so are a lot of other people. In fact, in all likelihood, at least one person YOU KNOW has probably either tried it or is a current user. This is not addictive, this drug. Do a little research and you'll find that not only is it harmless, it actually helps a lot of people with pain, lack of appetite and sickness. Then there's the fact the legalizing it would SEVERELY decrease the prison population by eliminating those charged with marijuana-related issues. Add to that, TAXING it, like they do with cigarettes, and the amount of money this country would see roll in would solve every fiscal problem in one shot. The fact is, alcohol and cigarettes are legal, and THOSE are in a universe all their own, in terms of harm they cause. So why make illegal the one drug that harmless.

2. Make OUTSOURCING Ilegal. This has cost this country MILLIONS of jobs. Stop listening to what they politicians want you to hear, and start listening to the facts. Immigrants are NOT taking American jobs. Corporate sugar daddies are, with the go-ahead from their political whores. Outsourcing is when Corporations fire thousands of people in one day, and train other countries to do the same jobs for a teensy fraction of what Americans were being paid to do. And all so these fat cats can get fatter, and then sit around and whine about how they are not BIG BUSINESS, but more "THE JOB CREATORS" and shouldn't pay taxes. Which makes them even fatter, and with more money comes more clout, and with more clout comes more political bribery that keeps America in the trenches. You can't possibly be okay with this, can you?

3. Make LOBBYING illegal. Here again, big business rears its greedy head. These are the people who "convince" the politicians that doing the Corporations' evil, self-serving business is a good idea and "HERE, WE'LL EVEN LINE YOUR POCKETS TO DO THIS FOR US". This includes every industry out there, from Medical and Food, to Tobacco and Oil. Business has (no pun intended) no business in politics, and frankly, the fact that this act is permitted to exist is a complete slap in the face of those who fought and died for our independence. And here this country sits, idle while Corporations and those tied to them, including politicians, rape this nation and its people of every drop of blood, and turn around to tell us, "DON'T WORRY. THIS IS A GOOD THING."

4. REAL Separation of Church and State. The fact that this is how we doing things now is a complete and utter myth, no matter what people believe. We see it every time an election rolls around. One of the first questions asked in every debate or public appearance made by a politician is, "What Religion Do You Practice?" or "Are you a person of faith?" WHO THE HELL CARES! We're not electing priests or Rabbis here! We're not trying to forge a path to heaven with these elections! We're voting on who's going to fight and speak for us with regards to this country needs. Religion is a personal matter that should be kept as just that. Personal! It has no place dictating the lives of every single person through a conduit of some a**hole who convinces people that he or she is the perfect (and only) person for the job. Look at BUSH. He's a Christian. One who was very public about how god told him to do certain things. Now...Anyone wanna stand up here and say HE was a great choice because of his faith?

I'm not going to list any more because the fact is, there are so many problems in this country. But, the resolution has to begin somewhere, and in my opinion, it has to start with the people. You. People need to speak out. They need to let these politicians know that they're only there because WE put them them and we can take them OUT if they DON'T do the jobs they promised they'd do to help heal this country.

Not taking the wealthy is NEVER a good thing, especially when those who don't fall into that 1% are being taxed for everything, short of breathing. Letting them send jobs overseas has MURDERED this country's job market, and they call themselves job makers. Yeah, for other countries. And please, keep your faith to yourself and out of Washington.

Wake up AMERICA and speak for the nation that gave you freedom. Freedoms that are being stolen everyday. Speak up for the country that was once great. Our founding fathers fought for us. Now it's our turn to fight for what they stood for.

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  1. Anyone who hates B and C as you do is a friend of mine. Don't even get me started. And I agree with your list, one through four, except for one thing: Pot really is addictive. I'm not saying that it should or shouldn't be made legal, but I'm a high school teacher, and I see the same kids hopped to the gills, day in and day out. It effects them (and older folks) like the Lotus in The Odyssey--no care in the world, and everything goes to hell.