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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Diary of a Zombie Kid. Creative, wasn't he?

This is so pathetic!

Wimpy Kid Goes To Court

Someone actually published a book that's virtually a Xeroxed copy of Wimpy Kid. It's called...wait for the awe-inspiring and incredibly original title...Diary of a Zombie Kid. Hell, the cover is almost exactly like Wimpy Kid.


The article about the lawsuit also has comments. I can't believe one of them, which defends the one who broke the law. He actually condemns the Wimpy Kid author for suing the other one, claiming how "nice it looks for the Wk author to go after the struggling author. Hey, it's not about the money. It's about the hard work and dedication it takes to be a writer. Wimpy Kid is the result of the author's hard work. Zombie Kid is the result of someone incapable of tapping into their own imagination, and who must, instead, feed off the success of someone who knows what it takes to get it done.

So no, it's not about money, or quashing the little guy. I mean, in the beginning, the Wimpy Kid author was also a little guy. One who discovered a niche and ran with it. You know, I can't stand it when authors cheat. It's just shameless how many so-called writers there are out there, who care nothing about the craft, but more the payoff. Those are the ones who either live in court, or die unknown.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Change the Channel

I've just learned that certain "special interest" groups are demanding that ABC cancel a show that hasn't even aired yet.


You know, I'm so tired of these people who try and dictate what everyone else can watch, just because the group is "offended"! Get over yourselves! The show is called "Work It"...a story about how two blue-collar men who've been unemployed for some time have no choice but to dress as women to get jobs.

And yet, the "groups" in question claim that the show (which they haven't even seen yet) defames transgender people. Of course, I won't mention which groups are behind this ridiculous and self-absorbed issue, because I actually support their efforts....except on this issue, that is.

How ignorant is it that they're out there, making demands based on what offends THEM, and all without having solid knowledge of what the show is actually about? Not to mention, the arrogance of telling US what WE can and can not watch? Personally, I hope ABC picks up their proverbial balls and stands their ground. And to those groups...please, just change the damn channel and let the rest of us enjoy that little thing we call FREEDOM!