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Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Shameful Day Indeed!

My friends, it is truly a sad sad day. A day I honestly never saw coming. Today, I actually got excited about finding hangers in one of our guest bedrooms. Yes, hangers. **head hangs in domesticated shame** See, in preparation for this trip to Pittsburgh with my Dad, I've been busy doing laundry, which I never throw into a dryer when there are shirts involved (not all that interested in walking around in clothing that shrinks to doll-sized proportions). So, I hang the shirts to dry...only I've run out of hangers. So, there's one load I couldn't do. But, as I went into one of the guestrooms, there they were, sitting on the bed, as though mocking me to all laundry hell. And the worst part is.....I actually squealed, "OMG, Hangers! Yay!" I can't believe it's come to this point in my life that finding hangers excited me. **for shame**


  1. Nothing to feel shameful of, Cindy! I confess I have done similar, so you aren't alone! Hangers come in very useful for a variety of clothing emergencies. :)

    Safe and blessed visit in Pittsburgh! My best to your father.

  2. Thanks, Garrrett. And though I know hangers are handy, I really need to contain my excitement over finding some cuz, well, that's just beyond sad.....LOL