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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nightmare on my street....

Okay so, this is truly terrifying. Last night, as like 1 a.m., we had a break-in. My hubby and I were in our room watching "GRIM", and we heard this weird long beeping sound. My hubby muted the T.V. and sure enough, we heard it in the living room. We raced out there and just as we got to the living room, the alarm went off. Before we could reach the alarm pad, the alarm company called. I answered the call just as my hubby's mother turned off the alarm. The alarm company told me (after I gave him my password) that the alert was coming from the front door. I went over and almost fell over.


My heart almost stopped. I quickly closed and locked the door. My hubby grabbed some knives and checked the house while the company stayed on the phone with me. Everything was clear, but still, when I hung up with the company, I called the cops. The cop that came found no sign of someone having tampered with the dead bolt on our door. He suggested that perhaps we didn't lock up completely or something and that the wind might have blown the door open. This door is solid mahogany, three inches thick and weighs a ton. There is NO way an ordinary wind blew it open thing. Besides, my hubby and I are compulsive about turning the knob and checking that the door is completely locked. And we do this several times each time we lock it, just to be sure, and all that.

Anyway, the cop said he and the other cops who were currently at a party a couple of blocks away would canvas the neighborhood. You know, the idea of having some stranger in my house is one of my worst nightmares. I literally had chills all last night. Oh god....to think of what could have happened. And worst still....what if they come back?


  1. Oh my gods and goddesses, i am so glad to hear you are fine! I'm a bit like that too about locking the doors and making sure my purse is in my bag... something like this though will only make you check it even more every time you walk past. And i completely agree, how in the hell is the wind supposed to open that particular door? was it a tornado? no! Needless to say you'll both be on guard for a while and likely to not sleep at night but know we are thinking of you and hope that this doesnt happen again, ever!

  2. Wait. That last bit towards the end sums up this whole blog for me. "Cops who were currently at a party a couple of blocks away..."

    At a party. It's a relief he was immediate in his arrival, but ah, the beauty of the American Law Enforcement system. I'm happy they were so keen to your need for justice... Okay, I'm done. regardless of my little rant, my friend, I am very glad you're all safe and sound. Scary! If someone broke into my place, I'd freak out! :(

    Keep us posted on any and all developments!