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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Publishers and the Wake-Up Call They So Much Need

Why are publishers so ignorant about what readers want? In checking the websites of various publishers lately, I've found that they seem intent on ignoring the changing environment of readers and technology. E-books, for instance. They've been shattering print book sales for the last couple of years, and yet, publishers are only NOW hoping on the E-book bandwagon as though it's something THEY'VE discovered. Also, they're still intent on restricting word count limits to numbers like 30k for middle grade books. Have they NOT heard that books like Potter began around 75k? A big FYI to publishers.....children ARE capable of reading more than ten words, you know. Don't make the mistake of underestimating the readers. Give them what they want. Good Books!


  1. Here here! I just finished the first draft of a book that is over 100,00 words long. I know I have to go through other drafts to get it just right before it goes to a publisher, but I would have a fit if my two years of blood sweat and tears was reduced to 30k. :(

  2. You know, when I finished my first book, it was around 119k (and it was for the MG market). I began to get curious, so I hopped online and found a writing forum, where I learned that it was waaayyy too long for 12-15 yr old readers. What I did (instead of cry or throw things) was take two chapters out of that book, and I wrote a whole new book around them. That book officially became the first in my series and the original draft (which I'm going to tighten up, accordingly) became the second book in the series. So it actually worked to my benefit that I'd written the orig to it's 199k count. If you're curious about the length of your book, first determine what age group/market it's for, and then find out (by comparing it to others of the similar area) to see where it fits in. Personally, I ignore the publisher's word count limits as stated on their websites. I mean, those limits are not only preposterous, they're downright insulting to kids who are ready, willing and able to read larger books.