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Friday, February 24, 2012

Agent update

Okay so, you all know I submitted to the Ethan Ellenberg Agency a few weeks ago. According to their guidelines, if an author hasn't heard back from them within two weeks, they're to assume it's a "NO". So, as it goes, it's clearly a no. Oh well. As I mentioned before, I'm a silver-lining kinda gal. So, if an agent isn't interested, then it's obviously not a good fit for either side. If they were, they sign the book.

Well, no time to cry over another rejection. Countless authors have walked the same long road, and many of come to that point where someone says yes. And it only takes one, as they say. I'm still hoping to find that yes. For now, I'm keeping my hopes high and my fingers crossed for something better. TOR. Yup, I did it. After a long inner debate as to whether or not I should hit up this publisher myself, I took the lunge. TOR is where my book belongs. They have such an amazing reputation, and frankly, it would be an honor to be part of the TOR family of authors.

So, the other day, I put together the submission package, which included the first three chapters (up to 10k words) along with a synopsis. My fear is that they'll reject it for my own stupidity. See, it wasn't until after I sent it off that I realized that I had forgotten to include my email addy and phone number. Even though I did enclose a SASE. Hopefully they won't flat out reject it for something like that. Oh, and another line of stupid just hit a second ago, when I went back to the letter I sent that and found that it mentions how I'm including the first three chapters, when in reality, since they allow you 10k words, I actually included the first four chapters. Oh god. Please don't let them turn it down because of that....

Here's hoping.....


  1. Inspirational news, my friend! Good luck with Tor, "David Thorne" is amazing and so are you. Stay Positive. All will be well.

  2. You're very welcome! Thank you for the splendid introductory comment; I'm sorry I haven't yet posted anything new, but that will undoubtedly change this summer. At the moment, I am writing a short story to work on scene creation. I'll post it in a month or so. Have you heard back from the agency yet, and if so, what has come of your submission?

  3. I haven't heard back from the agency, and since their website clearly states a two-week timeline for responses, I'm assuming it's a no. That's ok. They obviously weren't the one. I submitted to TOR, so now I'm just waiting the dreaded 4-6 months. Most likely won't hear anything until Aug.*smirk*