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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Please tell me why.....

I would love for someone to tell me why certain people prefer to back into a parking spot, rather than just parking like everyone else. Why is that? I mean, there I am pulling into the parking lot of my local market, and as always, there's a line of cars waiting on this person who had to pull in and pull out, pull back in and pull back out, over and over until that person was satisfied that they were nestled nicely in the spot they would have been settled in half an hour ago had they just pulled in, head-first.

Truly, what are these people trying to accomplish here? The ability to just drive straight out when they're done shopping? Come on. What's the difference? One way, you take a moment to pull and a moment to pull out; the other way, it takes an eon in shopper's-time to back into a spot for the simplicity of pulling straight out. It's not only ridiculous, it's bordering on suggestive....and not in the good way either, but in the, "Are you done yet?" way, and that's never a good thing, is it?

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